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News Release

Bright Ideas Initiative

San Angelo Schools Foundation is excited to announce a new opportunity to give back even more to the students and teachers of SAISD. In addition to our Grants to Teachers program, we are launching another avenue of giving out funds called “Bright Ideas Initiative”. The initiative is available to SAISD Employees and Non-Profit Organizations.

Applications are currently closed. Check back soon for more information.


Fundraising & Donations

Fundraising & Donations

Fundraising & Donations


 Fundraising for the San Angelo Schools Foundation takes place annually in March at a dinner/live auction and in May via the "San Angelo Gives" campaign. 

C.O.O.'s Message

Fundraising & Donations

Fundraising & Donations


 Debi Meads, Chief Operations Officer of the San Angelo Schools Foundation wants to say thank you for helping SASF bring excellence to education in San Angelo. 


Fundraising & Donations



Teachers may apply for Grants to Teachers by submitting proposals to be voted on by the Board.

Next Application Period: 

August 2020

Readers Are Leaders

Pictured here is the SASF C.O.O. Debbi Meads reading "Harry the Dirty Dog" at Santa Rita Elementary. Mrs. Naul, the librarian, has a program called ‘Readers are Leaders’ where she invites community leaders to come read a book of their choice to a class. The reader also tells the students how reading has impacted their lives. SASF is supportive of any and all projects that promote literacy and excellence in our education and would like to congratulate Mrs. Naul for creating such a powerful program at her school! 

Kids Love Learning!

This video showcases several SAISD recipients of the "Grants for Teachers" program. Technology used inside the classroom is featured, but grants were awarded for a myriad of learning styles and for a variety of settings.  

All Campus Grant Winners!

Congratulations to Austin, Crockett, Glenn MS, Lamar and McGill for winning the All Campus Grant at our 3rd annual awards ceremony! 


Some board members of the San Angelo Schools Foundation were approached by Matt Kimball and
Laura Howard this last Spring about helping them with sponsors for a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Kid’s Camp they were planning for this summer. After hearing all about the exciting plans they had and the professional way in which they had prepared the entire process, SASF voted to be their sole sponsor.

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