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Supporting academic excellence
Welcome! The San Angelo Schools Foundation (SASF) was created in 1986 to support innovative academic opportunities for children of the San Angelo Independent School District.

The Foundation's major initiatives are Grants to Teachers and Scholarships to Students.

Grants to Teachers Program

The Grants to Teachers project is funded by variety of fundraisers held by the San Angelo Schools Foundation. This fund awards grants to teachers to aid in classroom instruction. Teachers must apply for a grant. Awards are determined by a committee of the San Angelo Schools Foundation board and community volunteers.  Teachers, click here to access the Grant Application!

Scholarships to Students

The San Angelo Schools Scholarship Endowment Fund is funded primarily through payroll deductions of SAISD teachers.  Awards are determined by a committee of the San Angelo Schools Foundation board and community volunteers.  We are pleased to announce the addition of the Robert Price Memorial Scholarship.  Click here to learn more.

Driver Education Opportunities

Through a relationship with Drive the Foundation, SASF is able to bring you very affordable Driver Education for students and Defensive Driving for those times your foot gets a little heavy or that light was a little more red than yellow.  The price is great and the Schools Foundation gets a percentage when you sign up!  Click below for more information.

Congratulations to Holiman Elementary.  They received the All-Campus Grant this year!!!
The San Angelo Schools Foundation had an exciting and full day on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.  Many of the board members got to travel to 21 different SAISD campuses to deliver our annual Grants to Teachers.  WE gave out $29,310.00 which is the largest amount given in our history.  We gave 81 teachers 75 grants of up to $500.00 and 1 All-Campus grant of $1,000.00 to Holiman.

The grants were as varied as the teachers and campuses. We gave money for products which will help upper elementary students gain greater skills in the appropriate use of grammar, mechanics, & word usage; money to improve teachers’ classrooms with updated materials such as biological specimens, Kindergarten workstations, listening stations, pressure cookers and induction pans, equipment for an anatomy dissection lab, a drone for one elementary campus’ Film Festival, and on & on. The subject of  math instruction was equally equipped with math palettes, an app that engages students in activities for the practice and mastery of state standards while having fun, items needed to stretch design and construction muscles while problem solving and thinking creatively, and manipulatives that help students with a kinesthetic learning style. The board members are also aware of the need for and advantages of art and music. We awarded grants to help in these areas also with the purchase of a bass xylophone and classroom keyboards, as well as a Note Knacks project helping the students gain fundamentals of music theory, composition and math fractions. We helped with the purchase of sketchbook art journals and the materials needed for an enrichment program involving movement, dance and theater.

This is only the tip of what all was given to these imaginative and awesome teachers. If you would like to read the entire list, please email Debbi Meads at

We can’t do all this awesomeness alone. We want to thank the teachers, principals, staff and Administration for their generous donations to us. We also lean heavily on our dedicated and faithful sponsors in and around San Angelo. We thank you and hope you have enjoyed seeing and hearing the fruits of your support.

Please look over the photos we took on this wonderful day!

Thank you for your support!

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