C.O.O's Message

Grant Awards Ceremony Speech 2019

I want to add my thanks to some other very special and gracious people that make this

event today possible:

Carl Dethloff and Jennifer Crutchfield: it is because of your support of our Foundation

that we are even here today. Thank you so very much!

Jack Wilcox: is the photographer for SAISD and he has helped SASF with our yearly

board picture, these pictures today and in many other situations. Thank you, Jack!

San Angelo Area Foundation: Matt Lewis and Katie Reed and their staff help facilitate

every aspect of this grant process from getting the application online to today; they

help make our job as smooth and as fair as possible. Thank you;

Principals and Teachers: as the program says, we thank you for your tireless efforts,

time and love given to each SAISD student and for being a part of our Grants to

Teachers program. I also want to thank you for your financial contributions given in


Isn’t this the best day ever?! 88 grants given to 144 teachers on 25 campuses and 3 All

Campus grants, adding up to over $86,715!! And we have once again given out the

largest amount EVER! The grand total we have awarded is over $581,000 since 1989.

That’s over half a million dollars and that’s exciting!

When I began thinking about what I wanted to say today there were so many things I

wanted to express to all of you today that my mind was racing. This is my last year as

the Chief Operations Officer for the Schools Foundation and most importantly, my last

for the Grants to Teachers Award Ceremony as the COO. I’ve been with this

Foundation for over 20 years and the main reason I stayed was this Grants to

Teachers program. Way back then the Schools Foundation was not in a good position.

Many felt as though it had served its purpose and the interest of the community and

the district just wasn’t there anymore. I felt differently! I volunteered to be the President

for 2 years. If at the end of those 2 years the board of directors still felt the same, I

would step down and the Foundation would dissolve. Man! Those were some hard-

working years. At the end of them, the members not only wanted to continue but they

offered to hire me as their COO! I was thrilled! This meant the teachers of SAISD could

continue to apply for and receive grants from our Schools Foundation.

I set goals for myself and the Foundation and about 3 years ago, the Foundation and

its board members met every one of them. So, as I have done all my life, I saw where it

was time to move on. But this move wasn’t going to be easy! The Schools Foundation

is my passion, education is a huge part of who I am, and, honestly, teachers are some

of my favorite people.

I have a note on my computer that says: “Ask teachers what they need in order to be

better with their students, with their campus and with their community. And how are

they going to share what they have learned?” This is what Grants to Teachers is based

upon, I believe. We have asked, you have answered and the days following today, you

are sharing what you have learned with your students. And that will go into our

community. That’s as good as it gets for this old COO!

Thank you for making application to our grants program, for being here today and for

everything you do for the students of SAISD. You are on the front lines and we as a

Foundation are behind you all the way! I pray you will have the best year yet with your

students! Thank you again for having helped make my job the best one I’ve ever had!

Thank you!

Debbi Meads,

San Angelo Schools Foundation

Chief Operations Officer