C.O.O's Message

August Blitz

It’s that time again! The SASF board members are going out to all the SAISD campuses to tell the teachers that it’s time to put in for a Grants to Teachers. The grant application is online and active from now until September 19 up to 9pm.

Last November we awarded $66,570! This included 91 teachers and 5 All-Campus grants. In May 2019 we awarded 26-$500 college scholarships to Seniors from both high schools!

Teachers can find the grant application on 3 different websites:




There are some areas of importance that I would like to point out concerning filling out the application. 

  • You must read and follow ALL the instructions! If you don’t meet ALL the requirements and don’t follow ALL the instructions your application will be disqualified 
  • DO NOT include any identifying information on the attachments (such as your name, your campus name, your principal’s name) 
  • Itemized total on the attached Excel spreadsheet must match exactly the amount you are requesting on the application 
  • Individual grants are up to $500; Grade Level/Department grants are up to $1,500; Principal/All-Campus grants are up to $2,500
  • You can only apply for one grant-if you should apply for an Individual and Grade Level grant, both will be disqualified
  • For Grade Level/Department grants, all teachers associated with the application must be listed
  • Special Education is broken down into subcategories on the application
  • If your grant is contingent upon other funding, you must specify how those funds will be obtained
  • If you receive a grant, the evaluation and receipts MUST be returned by the deadline. Please don’t wait until the last minute. 

I hope you will think of the very most wonderful idea that will help you be better with your students and your community and that you will share what you have learned!

Have a great 2019-2020! San Angelo Schools Foundation believes in you and supports you! 

Thank you,

Debbi Meads,

San Angelo Schools Foundation

Chief Operations Officer